The other day we celebrated the first anniversary of this blog by reviewing the top 5 most read posts, today I want to share with you the top 5 experiments I had the most fun doing in my kitchen in the past year. Here it goes.

– Make your own snow

This experiments would rather have been in the top 5, had I actually been able to do it, but I failed :(. I’ll have to try again next winter.


5. Make your own butter

Easy and very tasty experiment! You can also make delicious flavoured butter this way. Yummy!

4. Chocolate is like Gremlins

As a good chocoholic, this was one of my favourites. Also, it was the first one!

3. From liquid to solid in a punch / in a step (or a scream)

The Physicist inside me very much enjoyed this rare phase transition. Fun!

2. Microwave experiments:  Make your own plasma/Cooking light bulbs

Who knew one could do these things at home?

1. Naked eggs

My absolute favourite! It does take a few days for to strip the eggs but it is totally worth it! Also a really good way to explain osmosis in a science class.