I know, time flies: The h bar is already one year old! Despite the slow down in my posts in the last few months due to too many things going on in my life at the moment, I have had the most wonderful time writing this blog. I’ve had lots of fun experimenting in my kitchen and, most importantly, I have had many interesting discussions with friends who keep suggesting things to try for the blog, lending me amazing books and sharing lots of kitchen moments. So, the biggest thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog in one way or another, this is indeed the result of a team effort :).

I have posted so far 34 blog entries and I thought that a good way to celebrate this anniversary would be to review some of them. Today I want to share with you the list of “most read” posts of the blog and in my next post I will share my personal favorites.


5. From liquid to solid in a punch

This experiment is fun to do! And so easy: all you need is water and corn flour (also known as maicena or cornstarch). Highly recommended. Get your hands dirty and experiment a rare phase transition induced not by a change in temperature but by a change in pressure.

4. Cooking with salt and vinegar

Here I tried to understand what we mean by “cooking” and how one can do it not only using heat but also using other things such as salt and vinegar.

3. Gels: two for one

I had no idea what a gel really was before this. This post tries to be a pedagogical explanation of how a solid and a liquid co-habitate a gel to give it its characteristic consistency.

2. Why does bread go stale

Why and, most importantly, how can we avoid it. Easy tips to keep your bread fresh for a little while longer and why they should work.

1. Why you shouldn’t put chocolate in the fridge

They say that sex sells but let me tell you something: chocolate also does! This is the most read post during this year,  a very  controversial topic: putting or not putting chocolate in the fridge, that is the question. I also asked the readers in a poll in December and, so far, “no” wins by 58%! Chocolate lovers, spread the word: if it’s too hot for chocolate just have a chocolate ice cream but please, please do not store chocolate bars in the fridge!