December 2009

In the six months that this blog has been alive the most viewed post is by far the one when I talked about putting chocolate in the fridge. Which shows that this is a very controversial topic. So I would like to know what your opinion is: do you like putting chocolate in the fridge, yes or no?

In that post I argued that one shouldn’t put chocolate in the fridge because it spoils both texture and flavor. Texture especially in the case where one puts chocolate in the fridge after it has been partially melted by heat: it does not go back to the “good” crystalline structure that it should but to another one with different properties. And flavor because it absorbs moisture and odours from other food stored in the fridge. But since this is so polemic perhaps many of you still prefer to eat your chocolate chilled despite these disadvantages. I’m very curious to see which option wins so help me out and participate in the poll.


In the past weeks I have been away from my kitchen again, which has slowed down my posting. I still didn’t have a chance to make new experiments but I found this nice video explanation of “why does cream whip” which I found quite illustrating. So instead of doing an experiment my self, in this occasion I just recommend you to watch that video.

It is from the website of “Bang Goes the Theory”, a new BBC program about science for a family audience. The first season is already over, but if you like it you’ll be able to get more of it in March when it will come back for a second season.