This week I found a few cool videos on You Tube about other fun things that can be done with cornflour and water that I think are really worth a second post on the topic.

Remember that the curious thing about this mix is that it is a liquid which becomes solid under pressure. For example when you grab it, punch it or try to walk on it (as you will see in these videos) it becomes solid but, as soon as you release the pressure, it flows again between your fingers.

In a Spanish television program (El Hormiguero) they had a pool full of this mixture and you can see how is it possible to actually walk on it if you walk fast enough:

I think language does not matter in this case, but if you want an English version they did something similar in the Ellen Show:

Now, pressing with your hands and feets is not the only way to apply pressure to this mix, you can also do it with sound! The reason is that sound waves propagating in the air are nothing else than variations in the air’s pressure: molecules of air get closer together or more spaced in different regions as sound is moving. So if you could apply a loud sound for a while to this liquid it would become solid too. One way to do it is using a speaker and what you obtain are cornflour monsters.

I know that this all looks very messy but it cleans really easy. Just grab the liquid very fast and put it into a plastic bag (better not to dispose of it in the sink, just in case it decides to go solid at some point). Then you can wipe the rest out with a damp cloth. So kids, please do try this at home :).