Welcome to “The h bar” opening! This is a blog where I hope to bring together two of the things I enjoy the most in life: science and food. The idea is to try to understand the scientific principles behind the cooking methods that we use nowadays.

I don’t want to fool anybody: I am no expert in this. I am just a phd student in science who takes great pleasure in eating and drinking. I have realized that it can be fascinating to know how these things work. Why do toasts turn brown? Why should you never put chocolate in the fridge? Why do most cake recipes have the same baking ingredients? Why do we need to cook some kinds of meat for hours to make them tasty? What happens to pasta when it is overcooked? These are the kind of things I would like to try to figure out and share with you in this blog.

I have borrowed the name of the blog from my friend Antonella whose plan B in life used to be opening a bar or a restaurant. The name of her bar would be precisely: “The h bar”, which is funny for physicists like us because this is the symbol for the reduced Planck constant.

Whether you find the name funny or not, feel free to drop by “the h bar” anytime you like and leave your cooking suggestions and curious scientific facts. As in any good meal: the more, the merrier!