As you may have noticed, I am an absolute omnivore: I eat everything! Moreover, I enjoy eating everything. Well, I should say almost. There is one very commonly use ingredient that I just can’t stand: cilantro (or coriander). How many times have I been disappointed after ordering what sounded like a delicious dish when I found out it was soaked in cilantro. As I read in this blog it seems that I am not alone. Also there seems to be a scientific explanation as to why it tastes to me like perfume (see this article in the New York Times) as apparently it does share a lot of its components with those used in perfumes or produced by some bugs. So I was wondering, how do you guys feel about it? Time for another poll!

NOTE ADDED: I forgot to mention one thing. Please, please, cook of the world. Cilantro is not a very common ingredient in Spanish cuisine (I mean from Spain, not other Spanish-speaking countries) and gazpacho should definitely NOT contain any of it!